Ahuru Homes was started by Simon Frewin. He has cultivated his passion for business from a very young age. He spent his childhood learning about property through the various books and CDs at home, as well as being mentored by his parents, who also had a small property portfolio.

Not conforming to traditional educational standards, Simon left college to train as an electrician, followed by becoming a professional rugby player around the world. Simon applied this diverse set of skills in his first business- opening his own restaurant. Now the restaurant is established he has turned his attention to his lifetime passion- property investment.

Ahuru homes was founded to fulfill a gap in the market for high standard yet affordable living in up and coming vibrant cities. Ahuru is also a way of giving investors and savers much much better returns on their money through property. Making their money work harder for them and earning them what they deserve.


We like to find out what’s the most important thing to you when investing. When we know what that is, we can structure deals and talk about options that suit each individual’s needs.

In short you can be one of 2 things. An angel investor or a joint venture partner. In both instances we are currently creating returns which our investors are extremely happy with. This is especially true because bank interest rates and ISA’s are generating such poor returns, even less than inflation. Get in touch to find out more.

“Ahuru aims to help people make a better return on their money through property investing.”



If you have a bank balance and would like to see a significant increase in your returns immediately we can help you do so. By investing in sustainable property, you know your money is invested wisely.


Business profits – are you a limited company owner with a comfortable salary? Make extra returns in your company by loaning money to Ahuru Homes.


With mortgage rates at an all- time low and an annual yield of 10% at Ahuru, a higher ROI can be achieved rather than saving 3-4% by paying down. Example; a £100,000 investment could achieve a £7,000 p.a profit.


“There is currently a huge market for great value yet high standard co-living spaces for young professionals.”

We believe that regardless of age, income or circumstance everyone deserves a high standard of living. There is currently a huge market for great value yet high standard co-living spaces for young professionals. We provide a all in one cost that makes it easy for the customer to budget and live. At Ahuru we create a home for our customers in a co-living environment.

We are property problem solvers and investors whose goal is to deliver solid profits and stable cash flows for the group and for our investors. This model provides safe, secure and substantial returns for us and our investors. It also provides a fantastic and much needed service for our tenants.

Property is a investment strategy that has worked for me and my family for over 20 years.


Generating superior returns from property requires time, money, effort, knowledge and skill. That’s why we offer cash rich but time poor investors who want to earn great returns on their money the opportunity to share in our success and invest alongside us in a Ahuru co-living property.

With interest rates for savers at historic lows achieving attractive returns on invested capital is challenging.

For many, residential property represents a more attractive place for their investment than a bank deposit or savings account.


James from Suffolk invested £65,000 with Ahuru. He received £6,500 after 12 months, and the same amount each subsequent year an average of £541 p.c.m.

The interest alone paid his mortgage for a year. He was so pleased he kept his money with Ahuru to re-use and will continue receiving his interest payment annually.

Ahuru doesn’t work with anyone, we are only looking for investors that fit our values. For Ahuru is all about building relationships. This might sound a little cliché but we want to work with people for a long period of time. We want to work with their friends and family. Most importantly we want investors’ money to work hard for them so they can enjoy more of life little luxury’s.



Brand new 4 beds in Yeadon.
Recently completed. 


Completed 6 bed HMO in Leeds with cinema room. This gross’s nearly £40k p.a in rent p.a


We’ll be building these 9 flats in Leeds
in 2021.


If you are interested in pursuing an investment opportunity with Ahuru homes we would love to hear from you.

    The Build in progress podcast is hosted by Simon Frewin and Ross Downs. Our intention is to put together a not too serious yet helpful insight into property investment, business and entrepreneurship. We’ll bring a mix of top tips, friendly guests, the ups and the downs in our lives.

    We’re learning on the job about both podcasts and property which is the reason we called it ‘build in progress’. No one is the full package (especially us) and we are all working progress, we’ll be showing our progression through the podcast.