#15 Problems on a Build

  Some of the problems that you might not always think about . .  1. Neighbours 2. Injured tradesman 3. Building control 4. Roof leaks 5. Unconventional room size Like our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/BIPpodcast Subscribe to the youtube channel: https://bit.ly/33s8fKZ Check out this episode!

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Whats the rush!!!!!!

Another pod I both really enjoyed doing it and enjoyed listening back to it too!!!  Our key points on this  Not healthy Stop putting people on a pedestal!  Contextualise everything Perspective  Progress is progress Rushing can lead to mistakes Also apologies I accidentally used the term 'property journey' . . Sorry for the cliche

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#10 People buy from people

So you'll notice our sound quality has gone up a notch and maybe even our presenting skills.  In any industry or job people need to buy you and hopefully this will help you get there with that. This is more of a little whinge and therapy but I enjoyed listening back to this. 1.

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#9 Our biggest business mistakes

Our 6 biggest business mistakes (so far) 1. Doing everything yourself 2. Burying your head in sand 3. Impatients  4. Being a busy fool 5. Saying yes to everything  6. Knowing your market   Drop us some questions on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BIPpodcast/   Check out this episode!

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#8 Routines

Here's how I get the most of my day. It might seem a little basic and overly simple to most but hopefully its a little helpful  1 - Prep and plan  2 - Work in blocks and implement breaks 3 - Nutrition  4 - Tomorrow never comes 5 - Switch off For the first

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Interview #3 John Colclough

John is a little bit of a property legend. We went to interview John a couple of weeks ago and since then I've been quoting him ever since!! Small apologies with some of the sound, we are working to fix these: So we talk about Johns years in property . . .  -Taking your

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Interview #2 Aidan Heron

Aidan is from Peterborough, starting by helping his parents BTL portfolio. He's been in and around property for nearly 10 years. He set up development discovery and ground up development company. . .Currently doing 3 projects and consulting on more. We talk about working hard and impatience. Aidan's good and bad habits that everyone

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#7 The stages of a refurb

In response to a post on Ross's express projects page asking about the stages of a refurb . . . This might be a little simple and obvious to some but might be very helpful to others. Our 6 stages . . . 1. Plan and design  2. Rip out 3. First fix 4.

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Interview #1 Simon Duckworth

Si Duckworth is a seasoned investor. We talk about a wide range of things. An honest and frank interview. Si started out in HMO's. He has some good and bad experiences that he shares with these. We then discuss his work he does with the auction house and the recent flips he's done. Things

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#6 Ross’s Top 5 viewing tips

Every property we view we have a tick sheet on what to look for.  Here are our 5 key things we look at when doing a viewing and on the pod we chat about each in a little more depth: 1. Exterior Any obvious damage to the roof and exterior.  2. Damp Any obvious

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